Wear a bikini in public



Can’t figure out why Things I’ll Never Do?

Read about it here!


3 thoughts on “Wear a bikini in public

  1. Ha ha, love your sense of humour, all the pictures and the text to go with them! At least I am comfortable (sort of) wearing bikini in public. 🙂 Anyway, I found you through Blogging 201 and am now a new follower. Feel warmly invited to visit my blog, too, and maybe follow it back if you find something there to interest you.


    1. Thanks Angie! Godspeed to all the confident bikini-wearers out there, and I’m glad you like my silly little pictures. I promise I’m actually a little better at drawing than indicated by the images on this blog. for an explanation of what the hell I’m doing check out this post: https://tindblog.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/why-things-ill-never-do/

      And I’ll take a squizz at your blog, of course: I’m just starting out here so I’m all for suggested content!

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