Cut off my own head



9 thoughts on “Cut off my own head

  1. I think this is my favorite blog. Like people have favorite movies, or favorite sports teams. I have a favorite blog. And it’s this blog. The “Things I’ll Never Do” blog.

    There’s just some things you simply won’t have time to get around to doing in life. And by golly, here is one individual’s personal list. And the best part is: they’re all small cartoon drawings! Really great thing that is my favorite of things.


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      1. Typically, but I’m working through a backlog right now so I figured I could keep ahead of the output forever if I timed it juuuust right…

        But then I fucked it up by scheduling two per day for facebook and now wordpress is out of whack and I’ve committed myself to not one but two TIND per day. Luckily (?) my list of undone things is very long indeed so I’ll never run out of material!

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      2. I’ve got about 150 done. But my markers started running out so while I save up to buy some new ones I thought I’d set up a blog and facebook and so here we are!


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