Eat a human kidney



9 thoughts on “Eat a human kidney

      1. I wish I could draw you the first one but I’ve done that (not a lot, but still too much)… I’ve eaten camel meat before, but no milk- I bet it tastes salty! Same with Albatross feathers?


      2. Ha! I have so many questions. Bernquist I’m amazed you can taste anything at all after drinking avgas! I’m glad it was unintentional, but what did you think you were going to get a mouthful of instead? I must know!

        I figure the feathers would be salty because I plucked them fresh from a sea-bound specimen, and I didn’t wash them. Because if you’re going to eat feathers, how high could your standards possibly be?


      3. Haha yes your saltiness idea makes sense. As for the avgas incident, it was a late summer evening in 2011. I was at a friend’s house (which happened to be connected to her parent’s airplane hangar) trying to start a small campfire out in the yard to roast hotdogs, marshmellows, and feathers and such.

        Anyway, we were having some trouble getting the fire going due to a recent torrential downpour, so my friend went into the hangar to grab some avgas to “encourage” the flames. She returned with a disposable water bottle half full of the enchanting substance, which we successfully used to get the blaze going. Long story short, for whatever reason awhile later I happened to be holding a beer bottle in one hand and the avgas in the other and that is how things got ruined. I raised the avgas to my face and poured it forth, soon realizing what had occured. In a panic i wretched it violently from my throat (what i could get out anyway) and began swallowing beer with unparalled agression in a feeble attempt to kill the taste. The tase remained in my mouth for roughly four days. But I’m not dead yet. So I don’t know that any lasting damage was done.

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      4. I reckon it might take a while for the full effects of that incident to come about. For example, they may not need to embalm you when you eventually die. If you die. You might be immortal now. I feel like that’s a very real possibility by this point. You are Bernquist the Undying! In two hundred years we will live in the shadow of monoliths erected in your honour, and every year the youth gather for their coming-of-age ceremony in which they roast feathers and drink murky water in honour of their terrible god.

        It’s going to be great.


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